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Who Are We
‘For those of you who don’t know the story of how Beck’s Bird Barn came about, here follows the story so far……..

Cows and milking are now firmly in the past for us, such a lot has happened over the past 7 years, since the last of the milking cows walked up the ramp and Beck’s Bird Barn was opened to the public. We constantly count our blessings that we are able to turn our hobby into a thriving and still growing business. We have a lot of friends in farming that have not been as fortunate.


Most of our barns are over 400 years old, and only ever been used for cows, so each year we have tried to re-new a new section, as funds have allowed.

Firstly, was obviously the shop, which stocks thousands of different toys, feeds, medicines, cages, playstands, books, nesting materials, gifts etc, anything for the would be parrot owner and breeder.

We now have 2 quarantine units, where any hand reared babies bought in from other breeders are housed away from all other stock until they have been tested for PBFD. All our existing breeding stock has been tested by our Avian Vet, Mike Stanford (Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic, Tarporley) and we are as certain as we can be that our own raised babies enjoy a disease free environment.

We have altered another building to house our babies whilst they are being reared. They are behind glass so customers can see them clearly but they are protected from anyone unwittingly bringing in any nasty bacteria or viruses. Visiting your baby as it grows is something we encourage here. Some people like to keep a photo diary of ‘Egg’ as it progresses through the weeks. Something for you to keep and look back on. And each time you visit, any questions you have, can be answered by our experienced staff.





We have a holiday room, so if you are thinking of going away and need someone to look after your parrot, we can do this for you for just £25 per week. Just bring your bird and his/her favourite toys and leave the rest to us, we supply cage and food. NB: A recent PBFD certificate is required for any non BBB birds. All holidayers are required to have up-to-date insurance.

I have enjoyed the trials and tribulations of incubation, hatching, rearing and finding good homes for our youngsters. We pride ourselves with being able to give good, sound advise to potential owners and helping them with any problems they may encounter years later.

Along the way, we have also been asked to re-home many different birds for many different reasons, and again we try to make sure each bird is placed in the right environment, whether it be re-homed as a pet, placed into a breeding situation, or in some cases just to stay here with us, and become part of the resident ‘gang’.

We have quite a few resident birds now, and as those that have visited our premises will know, Syd (the Hyacinth Macaw) is one of the most popular (and naughty) characters we have here, so, as everyone is always asking after our residents, we have decided to call them Syd’s Gang and if anyone is interested in what they look like and what they get up to, check them out in our ‘Parrot Names’ section.

Over the last three years we have been importing the fantastic Java Wood Products. There is a vast range of products for both birds and reptiles, with new ideas coming out all the time. Details and prices are all on our shopping pages.

Although this side of the business is going from strength to strength, we are still a very family orientated company. My Dad, Fred, helps with the feeding of the birds every morning, my son William has been studying Animal Behaviour/Welfare at Walford College, helping out here at weekends and my daughter Sophie is our sales representative, selling our Java Products to Pet Shops around the country. Let’s hope, that by the time Chris and I retire, Sophie and William will be happy to take over. As well as the above, we have two other full time members of staff, Heather (Products Manager) and Anna (Livestock Assistant).

Hopefully, with your help, Beck’s Bird Barn will continue to grow, and help more people realise what fantastic company and intelligent pets, parrots can be.


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